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Thread: A bolt boss thread

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    A bolt boss thread

    Hi there. Does anyone know what the thread is on a factory fitted boss system on the Browning a bolt and whether it is possible to simply remove the muzzle brake and screw on a mod with the correct thread?



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    Where are you located? I think they are 5/8 UNF although they might me 5/8 UNEF if you are local to me pop in I will check it with a thread gauge.



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    Thanks for the kind offer Thar. I was hoping to find out before I bought it.


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    Yes, should be possible to do that, 9/16 by 24 UNEF rings a bell with me, as it was bloody unusual!

    Jacksons should be able to tell you what the thread on it is though as they sell the most mods.

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    I had a Jet-z that fit straight on my old a-bolt boss thread.

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