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Thread: anti's in school

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    anti's in school

    What realy bugs me is that in schools children are being taught anti's views, this is, I think the reason why mostley only children from a country or shooting background take up field sports. the children who are being taught anti views then think we are wrong!!!

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    In schools generally? And is this from personal experience?

    If it's your children that are being subjected to biased viewpoints, then take it up with the headmaster or staff concerned and ask for a more balanced input.

    AFAIK they don't specifically teach 'anti-fieldsports' as part of the curriculum.

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    Orion, I agree it is not on the curriculum, however, the stinted views of teachers are forced on children and I have experienced this with my own son's teacher, who I took time to explain the intricacy of our sport and firearms to which she now has a different perspective. Perhaps it is more the case of teachers having to be educated on the subject matter!

    Another 2 incidents I know of demonstrate 'anti' feeling whether to firearms or field sports in schools!

    16yr old used his school bag to take his lunch to beaters day and accidentally left a used cartridge in when he returned to school on the Monday. On taking it out of the bag at school the teacher went beserk, called the Police and the lad was expelled for a week and parents reprimanded by the school. The Police were not interested in the matter. On this occasion, I would agree that it could cause concern seeing a catridge, but the uneducated over reaction IMO shows anti tendencies as the said cartridge could not cause any more harm than a sharp pencil!

    Second incident which was funny when hearing it- 8yr old boy who was a regular on the Beating line at our Shoot, was asked at story time in class what he was going to be doing at the weekend? When he responded that he was going with his Granpa to chase and beating birds to kill them and then hang them up, the teacher reacted badly and called his parents to the school and gave them a lecture on the whys and wherefors and that their son should not be exposed to this type of activity. She said that his mind would be corrupted and lead to him being violent.

    Needless to say the father put the teacher straight on a few issues relating to field sports and the fact that the boy had been doing it since he was 6yrs old and showed no violent tendancies.

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    I was recently asked to talk to the year six children at my daughters school as part of careers week(they had no idea what I do). I spent an hour talking to 70 kids and their teachers about the role of shooting and conservation in todays world. I took plenty of photos and some trophies to show them. On the whole I was received well and was thanked by the staff for an insight into our industry. I hope those children left school that day with a fresh view of shooting. Anyway we`ll see next year if I`m asked back!!

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    From first hand experience, my children were subject to this predudice and I had to talk to a headmaster and the teacher who was expressing their opinion against fieldsports. However, it was ok for me to spend weekends helping with my chainsaw, making an obstical course for the pupils, or digging a pond for their wildlife area.
    Twenty five years on, our grandson aged nine, suffered this when he said that over a weekend he was following hounds. On hearing of his experience, our daughter went and told the teacher that she should keep her personal opinions out of shool. Probably didn't do any good, but made me happy when she told me.

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    Seems to me most kids are influenced by something out of the normal, a wow factor moment, school never taught anything about the countryside, (other than collecting bugs) unless of course its a country village school. So........get ya kids off the dang computers & get 'em out. There are lovelly warm eves & refreshing showers to have fun in , with 12 hours of day light !! Dont blame the schools, you put them there , for the school it is

    Have your say to the head of the school, organise a country day out for the kids, make it gentle , scenic & fun !!

    Most are educated into a volantary prison system after work/ school ( work/home/tea/ tv bed/all indoors) Its like the appocolipse around here after 6pm ! ( its great )

    My kids watched badgers/ deer & hawks for hours. Knocks spots off what they think is the country of argumantative 'Emmerfale' ahhaha
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    Quote Originally Posted by techman View Post
    From first hand experience, my children were subject to this predudice and I had to talk to a headmaster and the teacher who was expressing their opinion against fieldsports.
    And that's exactly the way to deal with it.

    From my personal experience it's not an endemic attitude in the teaching profession- far from it in the area where I live - so tarring all teacher's with the anti brush is a bit like stating that all hunters are bloodthirsty killers eager to wipe out wildlife! Point remains though, why generalise and shout on here with the caps lock on - go and deal with it directly, we are all potentially ambassadors for our chosen disciplines and could maybe promote something which is fast disappearing off the radar of many people.

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    Perhaps there is an interesting parallel with what happened with Al Gore's movie to promote his man made warming religion which, it was decided, would be shown to all school kids as a document of faith. The movie, and the religion, clearly have no foundation in science and so a father took a court case (well funded by those keen to champion science over systems of belief invented for the benefit of the pocket of the likes of Mr. Gore) which, with the help of expert scientific witnesses established that a considerable proportion of the movie (the case focused on a number of points, 9 I think, though there were other issues in the movie but you have to start somewhere) was a lie. I believe the court decided that if the movie was to be shown to children as part of their "education" then it had to be accompanied by a "health warning" pointing out that a court had found it to be untrue.

    Needless to say Mr. Gore's co-religionists are somewhat less keen on showing the movie to kids now that they have to announce that it is a lie before the showing begins.

    Perhaps, in areas where there is a problem, parents and maybe even the various shooting organisations could take a similar line?

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    I was born in the forties, grew up in the fifties and sixties etc etc. Have seen the education system go from Dickensian through trendy leftyism to systemic paranoia and nannyism. All these have their faults and there are still quite a few of each type in the business of "educating" our offspring.
    I say meet all aspects of putting a balance back into the system by correcting peoples' misguided opinions to task and joining in on events like BDS, BASC, C.A. etc put on.
    For example BDS S.W. England's volunteers will have a presence at the North Somerset Agricultural Society "Countryside Day" next month - This is aimed directly at children who will be attending with their schools.
    If we don't do something about these issues we can only blame ourselves when stupid decisions are made that affect us!
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    pssssst are you refering anti western or anti animal sport.

    This week, the UK debated whether to remove The Holocaust from its school curriculum because it 'offends' the Muslim population which claims it never occurred. It is not removed as yet..

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