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Thread: PH "recoil pin" removal

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    PH "recoil pin" removal

    i have acquired a parker hale 243 which I would like to strip and tidy up only thing I have not removed is the horizontal bolt or pin that passess through the centre of the stock under the receiver.

    am I right in thinking the flat caps with holes on eitherside of the pin unscrew?
    I assume I need some circlip pliers or similar to use the holes to turn it but is there a specific tool for the job?

    also these seem to have something blocking one of the holes on each side. were they blocked off when fitted to prevent tampering or have these been bolloxed up by a previous owner?


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    I made a small spanner to match some holes on one I was removing once. I used a small piece of aliminum and some small needle bearings that fit the holes in the cap, epoxied into appropriately spaced holes drilled into the aluminum block. One side unscrewed, and then the pin was tapped out towards the other side. If I was refinishing a stock and could get around removing it, I would.~Muir

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    OK thanks, as I expected.
    Will knock something up to remove.

    gun doesnt look like it has been cleaned this century but otherwise is in in very good condition.

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    What model is it? I have a 1200, and it's a great little gun. Had the barrel cut down by a few inches and put a moderator on the end, and it's a fantastic little tool, and I don't mind too much if it takes the odd knock. Set me back 200 and had fired fewer than 50 rounds since new (how the old boy got away with holding it for that long with that little usage I don't know, but I looked at his FAC and that was all the ammunition he'd bought in nearly 30 years!

    I'd avoid removing the recoil lug if at all possible. My RFD recommended not moving it as it can be difficult to put back properly.

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    Ha, I am up for a challenge!

    given the gunk I can see oozing out of the joins its coming off if I have to cut it out and machine a new pin for it!

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    I would leave it fitted and clean around it. never needed to remove one as yet but cirlip pliers will do so if used carefully.

    I have been considering making some domed "Nuts" to fit these to improve the look but thinking about is as far as it's gotten as yet. Was not sure how much interest would be so just got to the thinking stage.

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    yeah they are pretty ugly
    I was thinking more along the line of a hex or slot head bolt head like the kind of thing you bolt beds etc together with.
    I want to say IKEA but that conjures the wrong image!

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    They don't have to be ugly:-

    As you can see. The slightly domed one would be easier to use as it would fit most stocks rather than the ones in the photo which are carefully fitted flush .

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    Told by a Gunsmith to leave well alone and not fix what wasn't broken.

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    I had to remove the one from my Midland 308, as it had shifted backwards, I suspect through a combination of mineral oil softening the wood and (prime suspect) the rifle being fired without the action screws properly tightened. All by a previous owner I must add!

    I simply took it out and filled the gap with Devcon when bedding the action, then I fitted 2 brass discs to fill the holes in the stock. looks pretty good, and has turned a "shot out" tomato stake into a perfectly good, lightweight stalking rifle.

    As for the actual task of removing, I just used a pair of needle nosed pliers end on, but then I knew I wasn't refitting the nuts so wasn't concerned about marking them.

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