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Thread: The old favorite

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    The old favorite

    Having used a .22lr for many years, do you think the .17hmr

    will now take the leading role. ?
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    I love mine


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    Nah, got rid of my HMR, but still got the 22, much quieter, majority of bunnies are for eating.

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    I own both and though i love the 17HMR'S long range abilities and stopping power it's too noisy and does too much meat damage unless you take head shots , Sako .22 and subs every time for me.

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    17hmr makes me smile everytime I use it.... but I do sometimes wish it was quieter
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    I have both and if I had to get rid of one it would be the .17 I love my .22. As Si said the .22 is a lot quieter

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    alot more skill and fun with a 22rf

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    I have both too, and I am posting this sat in my truck with 22 next to me nailing a few more rabbits!! It was first out the cabinet and probably always will be for me.



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    + 1 for the 22 Rifle cost me 25 (BSA Supersport5) with a moderator 30 years ago. It still shoots as good a group as I need to 100yards (less than 1" groups) ammo is cheaper by far & bunnies don't often hear the subsonic bullets coming. It teaches you to estimate range properly which is a good thing too.


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    To summarise how every other thread has turned out: No, both calibres have their place.

    Personally I love my HMR, cracking calibre and noise has never been a prohibitive issue.

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