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Thread: Fenland Sheepskin, Bridgewater

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    Fenland Sheepskin, Bridgewater

    Does anyone know if the company has run into difficulty? I had a roeskin returned, no response to my emails and the company phone line appears dead.

    We've had sheepskins done by them and they did a beautiful job.

    Any recommendations for other tanneries?

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    They are two minutes away from me, i`ll investigate and get back to you later this evening.
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    In adminstration - looks like they're gone as of May this year.

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    Sadly Fenland went into liquidation a little while ago

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    dam did a red for me brilliant ! got a nice fallow i want doing any ideas were to go ?

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    They were closed when i passed there last night.
    I also found this on another forum-

    Fenland closed very suddenly. I went there on Monday last week to collect a few finished skins only to find it closed. Apparently everyone was sent home at lunch time that day and none of the staff knew beforehand. I have since been there again and now have my skins. The closure was caused mainly by all the increased costs and vagaries in the world skin trade and not Contract Tanning which is 'our' part of the business. So sad for everyone concerned - they were all such thoroughly nice people.

    At present they are finishing all skins in the pipeline and will close at Easter for good. If you have skins with them it may be a good idea to contact them but as Pauline says DO NOT SEND ANY MORE RAW SKINS TO THEM. I did not see many Shetland skins there so hopefully they are already dealt with.

    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Pm coming your way Norma. We have a business near us that does our sheep skins and makes a great job. Anyone want the info please pm.
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    Can confirm they are no more. Picked up one tanned roe from them couple of months ago and then mate had letter telling him of the situation. Very sad as they normally offered good service (saying that they ruined 4 absloutely mint roe we shot in Nov 2010) turned out to be a heavy handed operator.


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    Thanks everyone for the personal service!
    I have checked with Devonia, in Buckfastleigh, Devon, and they do deer skins on contract; 22 +vat currently.
    I checked with an organic fleece processor (Organic Sheepskins) and they don't take deer skins -hair clogs the filters, just like SHMBO hair in the plug hole, but worse.

    As usual I got sucked into the WWW looking for information - most of our skins now go to China; Fenland was processing about 60 000 a year; the largest Chinese hide processor does 33 000 a DAY

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