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Thread: BSA CF2 Stutzen 270 cal

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    BSA CF2 Stutzen 270 cal

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ID:	7721Up for sale is my BSA CF2 Stutzen in 270 cal. It's from 1972. The stock is very clean and tidy, a couple of dark marks below the ejection port. Nothing nasty.The metal work is good as well, the only marks are where the bases were, the floor plate has a few marks aswell. Nothing really considering its age. Using factory ammo i have been getting inch groups consistantly.Home loading would improve this greatly. Only asking 150 delivered to your RFD. Scope and mounts not included

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    Cracking rifle saw it on Guntrader and wished it was in 30-06 - I would of snapped your arm
    Off if it was! I've shot a couple of these in various cal's and with the right weight heads, they are as accurate as hell

    Just my opinion!


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    Didn't see this one on guntrader, but your right lovely rifle and accurate

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    Cooo! If I had a 270 slot on my FAC, I'd snap yer 'and orf! This is a fantastic bargain for a classic British rifle.
    By the look of the race ways it obviously has done almost no work.

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    Sold pending the usual

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    This is a cracking rifle, took it to the range for a plink yeaterday, over open sights putting 10 rounds into 2 inches, will try it scoped up later.

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