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Thread: H380 or 414 in 234 v max

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    H380 or 414 in 234 v max

    i am loading varget at the mo with 75gr v max in my 243, but the varget is only half filling the case at 37.2 gr! and am looking at trying another powder and am thinking of h380 or 414! do you use this powder? and what % of the case if in the case! I.E varget is 50% full and need to fill the case to at least 80% if poss...

    Cheers stu

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    I use H414 in my .243 for 75 grain V max and I put in the starting load of 42 grains, this fills the case around 3/4 or there abouts. The case can't take a double charge as it'll over flow. I also use this when loading 90 grain's and it all works fine for me!

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    cheers scottc do you use mag primmers? with the 414.
    cheers stu

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    As you know, I use Varget in mine (as per your last post best powder for243 v max combo! )

    I've also dabbled with H4895 and 55grn Sierra blitzkings - with great groups!

    Both give me superb results, aside from the remaining case capacity.. the 100 odd foxes that expressed a preference said they didn't care either!

    H414 is a great powder in 243, but I'm sticking with Varget.

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    stu I use h414 and h380 both devastating results for two different rifles
    regards pete .

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    Cheers all! it just didnt seem right to have a half empty case! but after testing the varget to 37.2 gr i am getting sub 1/4 inch groups so thats that load sorted! and now trying 380 just to see if filling the case tightens up the group, im not after blistering speeds just around an average of 3300fps ish! and clover.

    Thanks again all...

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    i use h414,in the 243,with 70,75,and 100 grn bullets but i have great groups with 87 grn vmax and blc2 but h380 i use in the 220 swift but h414,h380 and varget are more or less the same,any one should be fine,best of luck, steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedystu View Post
    cheers scottc do you use mag primmers? with the 414.
    cheers stu
    Just standard primers. CCI.

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