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Thread: Fly net / carcass net recommendations?

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    Fly net / carcass net recommendations?

    I'm after a decent fly net to cover a hanging roe
    Any recommendations or links appreciated

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    Before I had a separate larder I had the roesafe ( and only sold it recently. It is pretty substantial and will easily hold two roe.

    Prior to that I used the nets from Jagersport ( They were okay, though I did find that they tore easily.

    Otherwise I see Bushwear have one: ( as do Reeves (

    Maybe a mosquito net ( - though I wouldn't get one impregnated with permethrin )?

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    I bought one of these as a cheap option. I've used it a few times and it's been fine, covers a decent sized Roe no bother.

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    Thanks for the quick replies gents, plenty to check out there and sort me out.

    Many thanks


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    I've got a Harkila deer net - the one with hoops sewn in. I like the fact that no part of the net actually touches the. carcass. Useful if you are away from the chiller and need to hang a deer somewhere flies can get at it.

    To prevent tick and ked infestation in the truck, we also tend to use nylon deer shrouds ( not the cotton ones, which are useless) from The Countryman of Derby. They are big and stretchy enough to sleeve a decent sized Red or a couple of Roe.


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    Try any building site , the net thats used on the outside of scaffolding is strong litewieght and fly proof even green on some sites , ive used it for covering rabbits with no problem at all

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    I'm happy with the one from Bushwear.

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    Hi Lads
    my missus bought some fine mesh plain nett curtain made of nylon its got a fine tube at the top to feed cord through she machine stiched the same on the bottom it was so cheap she bought enough to make a large one for red and fallow and a smaller one for roe etc.
    It s from Dunelm mill for both bits it was only 4.00 for the small and 5.50 for the large its strong enough to hang the deer from a line to lift it into my rear cab and washes in washing machine its wide enough to wrap around the carcass so nothing gets in or out but still lets it cool down its available in white brown or greeny grey colour really does the job and it rolls into a single shoe bag in my stalking bag

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    Corbieton sell 4 for 8.50 posted, very tough and durable, will take a roe no problem, well pleased with mine.

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    Heres the company for buying the material for making Roe sacks and repairing tentage etc there insect netting is good stuff , theres a few grades to choose from .>>Mesh

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