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Thread: Starlight Archer nightvision

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    Starlight Archer nightvision

    Hi All,

    Have decided to sell my starlight Archer Gen3 D grade (very few spots and vey small)

    Have owned from new for about 4-5 years and comes with firefly illuminator and two bayonet fittings. Any Questions pm me

    Face to face sale only in cash Just to make sure both sides are happy


    Many Thanks Matt

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    Many Thanks Matt
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    If MMbeatle doesn't have it let me know, not too far away and definitely interested

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    bugger... I'd have had it

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    Good to meet you Matt, top seller with some decent gear

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    Can you help, I am looking at the archer gen 3 but have been told that they only work with certain scopes. Can you tell me what scope you used and how good was the combination.

    Many thanks


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    i used a leupold Mark 4 with tmr retical, also a falcon menace, you need something with a retical thats not too fine. Fine reticles wont pick up, you also need a parralax adjustment preferable on the side.. My nightforce nsx worked well with the downside of the rear occular turns when adjust the magnification.

    Atb Matt

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