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Thread: Loads for 6mm BR Norma

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    Loads for 6mm BR Norma

    Hi all,

    Does anyone have any load data for the following 6mm BR Norma

    Nosler 90gr Ballistic Tip
    CCI BR4
    Lapua Brass

    For a 1:10 twist

    Any help would be appreciated,


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    I would start at 28gr varget and work up in .3 gr increments,watching for pressure signs, you will probably find the load somewhere around 30-31gr.

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    31 grs of varget
    ,87gr Vmax
    very accurate in my 12 twist, would be fine i your 10 twist,but as normal start 10% lower

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    Loads for 6mm BR

    Thanks Lads, Will work on some of those, the only data I could find for 90gr was on the Hogdgons site for Sierra SP heads and that was starting 27.2gr up to max of 30.2gr of Varget. I contacted Nosler and their barrel was 1:14 twist so wouldn't stabilise 90gr. Will let you know how it goes. Cheers Martin

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