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Thread: Broken Antler & Lungworm

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    Broken Antler & Lungworm

    Hello all - - I had a guy out last night and he shot a nice young Buck in a field of wheat. A fine healthy looking beast but he had both Antlers snapped off quite low down - - probably happened a few weeks ago - - the breaks were coloured and looked old. I skinned him half expecting to find some RTA type damage, but to no, he was fine - - he looked first class. As usual I chopped up the offal for Sam (the old & resident Springer) and found that the lungs were quite heavily infected with Lungworm which is unusual here. I shouldn't think that there's any association between the two issues but you never know - -maybe whatever broke the Antlers hurt him enough to lower his immune system allowing the Lungworm to get a hold.

    Any thoughts - - ideas ?



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    It would be interesting to see some pictures of the lung worm mate for those of us that havn't found / seen them before.

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    +1 on the pics please,if you took any that is.


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    Luckily I'ld kept these examples for breakfast this morning

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    Does anyone know if they can be passed on directly by feeding to one's dog ?


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    The lungs are in quite a mess, I assume this would end up being terminal to the beast when the worms got a proper hold ???

    Thanks for the pictures.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JRoe View Post
    Does anyone know if they can be passed on directly by feeding to one's dog ?

    Lungworm is transmitted via snails isn't it?

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    Thanks for the pics JR, ive never seen lungworm before either. i wouldnt like to feed it to my dog thats for sure!!

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    There are loads of different types of lungworms. the common cattle lungworm affects the larger species of deer, causing a cough particularly in yearlings, but in older deer which develop a resistance there are few problems. Roe deer have their own specific species of lungworm. This causes much more serious disease and is a major limiting factor on roe populations in areas where they are not managed. Infection cannot be passed from deer to humans or dogs.

    There are other species of lungworm which are found in carnivores (dogs and foxes) whereby infection is picked up by ingesting an intermediate host normally slugs and snails. These lungworms are unrelated to those shown in the photos.

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