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    Shopping from Overseas


    This is a bit of a rant, but also a question so bear with me. I'm based in New Zealand, and I mostly shoot deer and ducks, using different tools of course.
    I have been trying to get hold of a Reflex T8 suppressor, it doesn't matter who I write to with formal enquiries about export of said suppressor, I get zero response, not even a "sorry but that's not possible" I have written to the manufacturer and a large leading Gun shop with three stores in the UK, ...... deathly silence.
    Is it really so hard to respond? Has anyone else had experience with this kind of thing? I mean I could ring them (in fact I did once, and spoke to a lovely lady who was very apologetic that she couldn't answer my question, and she did sound doubtful when I mentioned I would e-mail them).
    Or is it that I'm living in New Zealand, and your all just fed up with Kiwis? I'm a pom damn it... and I want a response!

    Well I would like to hear of anyone else's experience, or even if you know that it's not possible to export a suppressor overseas then that would also answer my question.

    Thanks all G'day

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    I would guess you tried the Sportsman, if so don’t be too surprised that they did not contact you, look at some of the posts on here about there service. I would guess for most RFDs they just can not be bothered with the trouble of exporting for the amount of money they would make on a T8.

    Why you would want a T8? when you have some excellent suppressors made in NZ by MAL and alike, if you were after an A-Tec then I could understand that. But any way for a T8 the people to contact are Jackson rifles or Dennis Groom off this site, drop him a PM.

    I am sure it is not because you are a Kiwi, we generally like you guys, you want to try being a pom and getting something out of the USA as a private import.



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    The prospect of shipping a huge chunk of metal like a T8 half way round the world probably put them off!
    But agree contact Jackson Rifles and while you're about it ask them about their Atecs.

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