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Thread: Spare Swarovski Bino Eye Cups

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    Spare Swarovski Bino Eye Cups

    I have a pair of brand new spare eye cups for swarovski bino's, these were sent by swarovski to replace mine as one kept coming loose but they did not fit my 10x42 SLC's so they then sent the correct ones and didn't want these back, these have 30mm dia internal threads with the "holes you look through" being 20mm,as you twist them the eye pieces extend for those that do not wear glasses, i would prefer a pickup in person but will post at your cost
    first to PM will get them

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    Very generous - would love them --- but i'd need tp buy the swarovskis to go with em - bugger i knew there was something up

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    I'm not the only one that has blonde moments then? Anyway,2 PM's recieved so it looks like they are taken, if not i'll re-list them


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    Mine are white haired moments mate

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