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Thread: 7 x 64 Brenneke

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    7 x 64 Brenneke

    Hi all, anyone use this calibre? Any experiences good or bad?



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    I haven't used the 7x64 but I have built and shot a half-dozen or more rifles in 280 Remington which is a very similar cartridge. Most of these rifles were for customers in New Mexico who used them on mule deer, antelope and elk. Nothing but praise for the cartridge and it's performance. Since the 7x64 has only the slightest bit less case capacity than the 280, I'm sure it will perform similarly.~Muir

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    When i bought my Ccombi i was looking for a 12x7X65R. thats the rimmed 7x64. A great cartridge. Had to get a combi in 12 x 7X57R as i could not find a 7x65R anywhere.

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    Hi Zaitsev,
    yep I use a 7x64 Sauer 202. I like the way it behaves, took it to Poland this year and non of the boar I shot with it complained. Have a look at my story "Poland boar hunting" you should be able to see the pictures.
    Send me a P.M. if we are near enough come and try it.

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    Hi Zait.
    Had two in my lifetime, excellent cartridge rather like a fat .270 Win.
    If you get round to obtaining one I have oodles of once-fired RWS brass here.
    Had my paw dressing changed today, all going well and getting used to typing with my left thumb !!!


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    I also have a Sauer 202 in this cal. Whilst it is a new aquisition (and currently being threaded) and hasn't been used in anger yet, I have been impressed with it on the range, and like it as well because it is that little less common than .308 etc...

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    All good stuff guys, thanks to those who have posted


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