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Thread: Heads up Electric Mincer at Lidl

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    Heads up Electric Mincer at Lidl

    Gents from thursday 30th lidl have an electric mincer on sale for 39.99 may be ok for home use. atb Nigel

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    good spot that man! Its hit or miss with Lidl really but at 40 quid I'll give it a punt

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    hopefully they will offer it sometime soon over here, we tend to run a few weeks behind in the product releases. i agree somethings are terrific value while others are pure rubbish.

    are you planning on picking one up nigel?, if so let us know how you find it . a few bunnie burger would be nice this time of year


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    be warned on electric mincers.

    the motors are the weak link here and burn out very quickly on cheaper models.
    Have killed a couple in my time both were significantly more expensive.

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    ksb yes thought it worth a go wife on standby to get in early tomorrow.Will let you know how it goes. Bewsher agree with you but hopefully will save the arm from turning handles to produce bambi burgers so it will not have excessive work.I thought 40 not to much of a gamble.

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    With a 3 year warranty it's got to be worth a go! Here's the link:-

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    Had mine for 3 years and if works great - not used every week but just when I need to, I do about 15lb/ 20lb of mincing at a time and its pretty efficient and copes well.

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    When I saw the thread title I thought someone had had a terrible accident

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    Really? I thought it was a robot that was in touch with his feminine side
    Must pop down and have a look.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Thanks for the heads up..

    Luckily there is a guy in the office here who's passion is cooking and baking.. I tend to give him all my fresh shot game and he always returns it to me as fantastic pies, burgers etc!

    5 good sized rabbits appeared as 23 Thai Bunny Burgers on my desk just last week

    I believe he also uses a hand mincer.

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