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Thread: red stag stalk

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    red stag stalk

    Hi chap's i know its late but i'm after stalking a red stag this year between 10, 12 pointer something really nice that i can get mounted for the wall. I'm not a trophy hunter but wood love the experiance to stalk then have it mounted. I'm after it if possiable on the hill stalk up in Scotland. All help is gratefully thankfull.

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    I have replyed to the pm's but if any body else can help me out thanks alot.

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    mmm i get plenty guests arriving on the estate,and making such a request(10 or 11 pointer)it doesent get them off to a good start,most good estates,have a cull of there stags,not a specific trophy hunt.i think as far as scotland goes if you made a booking on a good highland estate,and on arrival spoke with the stalker and said it was your first stag,and you would like a wee bit of trophy to remember the stalk,you might get lucky.i personally sum the client up go stalking and if there luck is in and there is a good old boy they are more than welcome to the beast,but that said a ten or eleven pointer is a fairly high request,thats my opinion,good luck.

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    Thats quite a Switch in your pic Big White.. I'd rather knock a few of those over

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