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Thread: Training Nelly, trail in long grass 20wk old Bavarian.

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    Nelly BMH Scent shoe + blood only track

    100 metre trail laid with heart and blood. started on grassy lane then last 50mtr off into a log grass field with plenty of rabbit use. she did really well to keep on the track.
    track was about an hour old,was monday evening when very warm.
    starting with scent shoes next .

    second track is with using scent shoe and blood only for first time very pleased with her.

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    She is coming on very well indeed.

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    She is doing great mine seems to want a cuddle and a sleep more than deer but hey thats life lol

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    I call mine a 'SOFA Hound', although she has been out with me and a rifle 3 or 4 days a week over the last month, when at home....

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