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    My better half has been on at me to take her shooting for years! Not being a regular shotgun user (apart from the odd bit of pigeon bashing) I got her lesson at a local clay ground. I am saying nothing, but I am putting it all down to beginners luck!!

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    How much spare room in your gun cabinet?????? Leave them cartridges alone they are mine!!!!!!!!!!! I am shooting this weekend you have the housework to do

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    My wife doesnt like shooting, but a number of years ago she came out with me one Sunday morning to a very informal air-rifle club I was in at the time.

    After watching me repeatedly fail to hit a 45-yard knockdown-type target with the air-rifle, she asked if she could have a go.

    Knocked it down first shot. Then again twice more with her next two shots.

    I didn't take her again.
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    Female friend of the family didn't realy like guns but decided she should see what it was all about clover leafed three shots on target at three hundred, remarked that it was easy and didn't see what the fuss was .

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    Been there too!
    Bought my girlfriend (now wife) a SBS .410 for her 21st birthday, 'cos she was fed up just sitting in the truck watching us at clays. Her first clay was dust! Then she went out after rabbits one evening and got 17 in 27 minutes. Not bad for a first go!

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