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Thread: Some Left Handed rifles for sale.

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    Some Left Handed rifles for sale.

    I've seen a nice BAT actioned left hander for sale locally so need to sell a few of my personal rifles to part fund it.

    . 243 Remington 700 CDL. Screw cut 1/2 UNF and fitted with an Armalon extended bolt handle. This rifle is on my FAC and was bought new by me and has never been fired so is as new in box with paperwork. 750

    .270 Sako Action V. McMillan stock fitted, screw cut 1/2 UNF and complete with bases and rings. Excellent condition 675 (or 525 with standard wood stock)

    .22/250 Remington 700 BDL. Screw cut 1/2 UNF complete with bases and rings plus Harris bipod. Excellent condition. 395

    Can send to your RFD for 15.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails PersonalFACrifles 022.JPG   PersonalFACrifles 023.JPG   PersonalFACrifles 030.JPG   PersonalFACrifles 020.JPG   PersonalFACrifles 017.JPG  

    PersonalFACrifles 019.JPG   PersonalFACrifles 014.JPG  
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    worth a try but have got any .308 in left hand?

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    Just a shot in the dark LJT, but are you looking at this baby in 7mm-08 AI?

    'Only 250 rounds fired' If this is so it's amazing how much this has cost for so little use. Maybe some folk grow tired more quickly than others.

    All of a sudden there seems to be a brisk trade in Lefthand rifles. There's a man on here looking for a LH .270 at the moment, which is a lucky coincidence.

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    what else have you tucked away mr.

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    Pics of the Sako .270 and Remington .243 now added.

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    Have you any pics of the 22-250?

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    One of our resident south paws needs to snaffle that Sako right now. Good price for a great and very practical tool.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claret_Dabbler View Post
    One of our resident south paws needs to snaffle that Sako right now. Good price for a great and very practical tool.
    I've tried! Logistics didn't work out last weekend, hence why I'm looking at other options. Still interested though Lee when I'm up next month.


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    .22/250 Remy now sold!

    Price drop on the Sako

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    Hi LJT,
    Would you be interested in selling the McMillan Sako stock separatly ?


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