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Thread: Out again

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    Out again

    I was out this morning for a wee walk with Ria to see what was on the ground bumped a nice big buck early on and had a few problems with the dog cows chaising her she ran back to the car 400 yards then she got jamed under a gate and then spooked under an underpass. NOT GOOD. On the bright side she got in on a wee buck dropped to shot so no problems just a piece in the jig saw.

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    I'm still on basic obedience with Frau Bonnie Davie. She's been out once with me last month and did the most perfect point (into dense sitka of course!). Still struggling a bit with how aggressive she is but she's started to behave a lot better with the other dogs after some rollicking
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    You need to feed that dog 6p

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    She dose look thin in the picture She must have been breathing in at the time

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    She looks fine to me 6P mate,I do like the BMH,good luck with her.


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    Hope shes not sniffing at Exit wound only Joking


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    RDR no she is not mate but the exit was near the diaphram calculated from the tip of the front should a perfect quartering shot. But i will be the first to admit i am not alway perfect and can show remarcable skills in cleaning beasts that have just to much hole in them

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    Just don't tell her that Roe are a breed of cow or she will be off

    Well done mate, how is buck taking to retirement, has he got the pipe and slippers or will they be on the list for Christmas.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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