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Thread: Hello Stalking Directory

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    Hello Stalking Directory

    Hi my name is Davie and stay in Lanarkshire,
    I shoot with .223/.243/.300Win Mag and .375 H & H
    I hunt in Africa, hence the bigger calibres and Europe.
    I have just returned from working overseas and am looking to hopefully get a stalking lease.
    I am on both M74 & M8 corridors.

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    Hi Davie

    Welcome to the site. I was surprised at just how many on here also hunt in Africa (not me!) so you will be in good company.

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    Hiya Davie, glad to see your first encounter with SD didnt put you off after all. On here you have to accept it takes all sorts. Some rub up easier than others, but most are good guys and Admin keeps us all in check

    Enjoy your time on here and you'll learn loads and hopefully educate some - if nothing else in manners


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    Many thanks hope to hear from you about the sika stalking at Peebles. I am away to Africa on 19th July for 9 days so any dates after that would be great. If I have done this wrong please get back to me.
    Regards DavieH

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    Hi Davie

    Do you know how to work the PM system on here?

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    I will send you a PM and you can reply.

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    Hello Davie and welcome - - do give me a shout if you get tired of Africa !



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    Well glad to see you stuck around David, I know Jamross ground you will not be disappointed I am sure. Scrun I am in Nott's this weekend want to meet up?



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    Quote Originally Posted by Thar View Post
    I know Jamross ground you will not be disappointed I am sure.

    Thanks Thar...

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