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    Fife Field Sports

    Hi folks visited Fife Field Sports today to view a Tikka M55 Sport in .243, a rifle I've been looking for ages. The owner John Low was very knowledgable and a decent bloke. He has an excellent stock of rifles including some of the best examples of original Mannlichers at very reasonable prices. Iam looking forward to collecting the Tikka complete with 5 and 10 :mags and Meopta on top for what is a fair price. I have no connection with John, just as a happy customer trying to let you folks out there of decent service. Regards reiver xxv

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    No decent deals to be had at Border Gun Room???

    Fife Field Sports have been mentioned on here before. I have personal experience with that business. If you want to know any more PM me as I don't want to turn this into a slanging match however, what I would say is that if the rifle is actually on the shelf you obviously wont have any problems.

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