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Thread: rifle and scope insurance

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    rifle and scope insurance

    hi there can any one tell me wheres a good place to insure my rifles for damage or theft the normal house contents insurance wont cover them thanks

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    I am considering using this lot??

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    see thread about a week ago i use sis 190 for 9k of guns and kit mods ,scopes etc
    regards norma

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    NFU insure mine along with the household insurance.

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    I am with the Nfu both business and home, funnily enough I have got an insurance review for the farm in the morning. I did ask them about my guns being insured before, I think I will double check with him tomorrow, especially now I have grown my collection.

    Providing I remember I will post the outcome.


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    BASC have just started to do insurance packages for rifle/guns ets. Ring Marford Mill (head office) for a quote

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    Try M&S unlimited cover and 6K per item away from home

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    NFU do mine too, all guns/scope listed with barely any noticable change to premium, they do have to be identified as specific items though, as lets face it they are far more likely to come to harm away from the house and so are not standard 'house hold items'.

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    NFU, were great/easy to deal with,rifles were insured for up to 30 abroad at no extra cost, all on household insurance.

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    I have checked with our NFU guy this morning, all my guns are covered up to the value of 2k each, without having them named on policy.
    So happy days.


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