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Thread: RCBS v Aldi's calipers

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    RCBS v Aldi's calipers

    Is it just my failing eyesight or is there a bit of a remarkable similarity between these 90 RCBS calipers and my 10 Aldi pair?

    It seems remarkable that the buttons are in the same position and the colurs of the buttons are identical - I presume there isn't an ISO standard for button colours on measuring devices!

    Even the two screws on the left hand edge seem remarkably similar!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    What i,m led to believe they are almost all made in the same place, country, area, etc then distributed and re-badged as to company requirements.

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    Hi, I also got a set from from Aldi cost 8.99 made in Germany with 3 year warranty, measures the same as a pal of mines who has a set of Mitutoyo calipers at nearly 150.

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    mine are good but not great,
    posted before on the disparity between them and the analogue verniers I have.
    not massive but enough of a difference for the eternally anal bench rest reloader to stay awake at night

    for me, 8 is 8!

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    all the same! just rebranded!!! just like all yout flat screen tv's in the house they are all made in 1.500,000sqft factory that employs 90000 people in china then right at the end is a little china man with a shed load of different stickers.

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    I hear you mate thats why i went for the Aldi ones and never had a problem with them,

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    Ii have to disagree I use these everyday at work we had some really expensive ones same make as mentioned above, they are great but the last lot we got were cheaper ones and they are crap, measure the same piece of steel five times and you get five completely different readings. Then they jump from two mil to eighty mil and you have to keep resetting them. Maybe the aldi ones are better than the crap ones we got

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    Having bought and used quite a few different digital vernirs & seen others use them, I've noticed that its always the same people who "break" them no matter how expensive they may be. It ain't the quality of the instrument that is at fault it's more likely to be the nut behind the wheel!
    Only once did I find a cheap one bad out of the box, and I got that one changed.
    At home I have a nice Mitutoyo jobbie and a cheap "no name" special -- Guess which I use most - Yup the cheapo - Why? - Because it handles better and reads just as accurately.
    It's a bit like the perpetual argument about Lee & RCBS dies - lots of smoke & mirrors!


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    Quote Originally Posted by marty308 View Post
    Hi, I also got a set from from Aldi cost 8.99 made in Germany with 3 year warranty, measures the same as a pal of mines who has a set of Mitutoyo calipers at nearly 150.
    Due to age and failing eyesight I too use the digital read-out calipers from Aldi.
    For re-loading they are entirely fit for purpose.

    My precision Mitutoya vernier is now for sale.
    It measures up to 12 inches or 300mm and is in fine condition.
    I would accept any reasonable offer for it.


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    Mitutoyo all the way surely...

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