I treated myself to a new scope for the Tikka,so now it's re-zero time, where shall i go? Fortunately I have found some great people on this site, so off i go to Jim Rileys woodland range In Chippenham Cambs for a morning. Great venue ,sheltered from the wind and nicely laid out. All the appropiate targets for DSC level 1 were set out for me and after only 8 clicks up and 2 clicks left the rifle was zeroed a credit to Riflecraft who mounted and boresighted my new purchase.I then proceeded to shoot a mock pre-test under Jims guidance who also lent me a bipod and gave me some great tips. I had a really enjoyable morning. On top of that I was also given a tour of the 2,500 acre estate by Jim, we saw plenty of deer (muntjac and roe).
A great place and a real nice fella.