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Thread: BDS DSC1 Ilkley 7-10 July

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    Question BDS DSC1 Ilkley 7-10 July

    Details as per title, any forum members attending?

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    hi charliefox
    did mine there couple years ago really good do, if its vince that takes you hes a sound guy, a mine of info and a good laugh once ya get to know him
    enjoy yourself

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    Did mine there in september last year and thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt alot at the same time. Vince is very knowledgeable and im sure you have a good time. Also all of us passed which was a bonus.


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    How is the course going? Hope you enjoy it.

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    Just completed the course in Ilkley. Vince, Robert and Nick (for the shooting assesment) did a great job. Course was run extremely well and was fun as well as immensly interesting. I would recommend it to anyone.

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    I also completed the course this week and I have to say it exceeded my expectations. The course was great and very informative. Vince and Robert have a fantastic wealth of knowledge. Not only did I come away with a pass on my exams but also made some great contacts in the industry. Thank guy for all your effort

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorkie View Post
    How is the course going? Hope you enjoy it.
    All good thanks Yorkie. Despite the odd minor drama I managed to pass. Very impressed with Vince & Robert, very knowledgeable and funny. Some good lads on the course, had a good laugh in the process. Don't forget, if you're not sure about what to do with a suspect carcass - sausages or feed it to you're dog, eh Matt?

    Have to have a think about Level2 in a year or two....

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    Chris your advice was invaluable all weekend, i'm so glad i didnt listen ;-) '....if you dont know it now you never will....' - yep ta for that one.
    Good to meet you, and good luck with your move.

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    Cheers Matt, you too

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