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Thread: New Sauer Barrel Or Not ?

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    New Sauer Barrel Or Not ?

    I have a Sauer 202 .243 which I have had from new. The barrel in now very pitted and nearly had it. It won't hold point of aim and therefore needs replacing.

    Does anyone have any spare Sauer 202 Barrels in .243 or .308 that they want to get rid of/ swap sell etc?
    Alternatively can they suggest a company that would fit a new Sauer barrel and if so how much should I pay?

    The other alternative is to go to a custom shop and have a new barrel made and fitted, what sort of money would that be?

    Does anyone have any other experience with trying to buy and then swap/ change barrels on Sauer 202 I hear it can be a bit of a nightmare. Hence asking

    Help gratefully received - wise cracks or gags not.

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    Northallerton shooting supplies have one for 550. Out of interest, how old is your 202? I have a 202 awaiting a new barrel.

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    Ahh Buchan, posting in the early afternoon....signs of a man with too much spare time!!!

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    WDM, you really have two options: order a new Sauer Factory barrel in 243(not 308) or order a new Barrel and adaptor from Border barrels. Both options will cost 600-800, not exactly sure.

    The Sauer bolt for the 243 is pretty much unique (I think it is interchangeable only with a 22/250) and is not compatible with the larger calibres. So if you want to change to a 308, you will require a new bolt and the existing one will become redundant.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Also worth considering that new Sauer parts are Ilafon coated so will not look the same as your original blued action etc, Garlands were really helpful when I needed help with mine, worth a call, they might still be producing blued finished barrels for this precise reason...... 6-800 is about the money though. It does amaze me that even though the case for a 243 is exactly the same as a 308 that Sauer still insisted on making them a different bolt lugging system, seems really daft IMHO, so if you wanted to have .243 and .308 on the same action you would be needing to invest not only in 2 barrels, but also 2 bolts, that said you won't find better (again imho......)

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    A pal of mine went the Border Barrels way with his Sauer, cost was in the 550-600 area.Out of interesrt how old is your Sauer? I had one in 270 and it only lasted 2 years before the barrel was worn.

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    2 years and a new cold hammer forged barrel was worn out?

    In that case you're barrel would still have been under warranty I think, I would have got straight onto Sauer or Garlands to discuss.

    I have a friend who works for Sauer at the HQ in Germany and I have been to the factory and seen the rigorous attention to detail and quality control at the assembly point, not to mention the testing.

    You might be interested to know that Sauer reckon that, in a mid range calibre there barrels are good for 50,000 rounds.

    They had a Police training rifle in .308 at the factory, every round it had ever fired had been documented. It had come in for a new barrel after over 200,000 rounds.

    If the barrel is pitted then that's a different matter.

    Sauer make a very good quality rifle in my opinion, one of the best factory guns available I'd say.


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    Agree Moses, it is nearly impossible to shoot out a hammer forged barrel with normal usage. It is of course possible to kill it with neglect or over zealous cleaning.

    My understanding is that the hammer forging process was developed for machine gun barrels to give them a useful life when used at full automatic fire. Pouring 250 round belts down a cut rifled barrel would leave it knackered in no time.

    What is the service life of a GPMG barrel? 50K rounds comes to mind?
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    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    for that money is it not worth getting a custom barrel fitted?

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    Guys Thanks for the speedy response.
    Points noted and will be considered.
    I see someone on here has a 7 x 64 barrel for sale with a mag anyone got any experience of that round?
    If so what does it shoot like - perform?

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