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Thread: .450 Marlin?

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    .450 Marlin?

    Anyone own one for use in the UK? I'm not sure what stance the law takes in regard to calibers such as the .450 Marlin and similiar. It fires a large bullet, yes, but at slow velocitys. Would make a good boar and goat gun.

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    No different from a 45-70 except that the factory 450 Marlin cartridges are loaded to higher pressures than factory 45-70 (black powder-level) pressures. With handloading of the 45-70 they are identical, ballistically speaking. If given the choice, I wouldn't hop on that train and would stick with the vastly more popular and available 45-70. As to suitability for game, search "45-70" and all comments will apply.~Muir

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    The .450marlin is just a hotter 45/70 round that is loaded in to a belted case to avoid it being used in a 45/70 in which it may let go!!!.
    It does make a good boar round, if you do not reload the cost of ammo is around the 200/100 rounds.
    The .444marlin and the a 45/70 will do everything that you want for pigs.I use my .444 for deer and for foxes and club target shooting as well as driven wildboar.

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    Wouldn't it be hard to get such a caliber for UK use?

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    I had no probs with my local FLC with the .444 but others force's may not be so keen on larger caliber rifles as they seem think any thing larger than 30 cal is a anti-tank round.

    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    Josh, have a quick look in here,Think i'm sickening for summat!! I got a helpful bit of input from Ian F on here.
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    I have just brought a 45-70 had on probs with the police with deer goat boar fox and any other quarry just put a meopta red dot sight on top shoots very well with the 300 grain factroy loads 150 FOR 100 YOURS MARTYN52

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