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Thread: Finally got my buck season underway this month....

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    Finally got my buck season underway this month....

    After a slow start to the season, I finally managed a couple of bucks this month. My time has been split between working, fishing, biking and Stalking amongst other things!! The first was on the 9th....

    I was watching a doe feeding for a while on a clearing near some large beech trees behind a gulley, watching her reactions I began to consider that there was a buck nearby as she kept looking over her shoulder.

    I kept watching but the buck was nowhere to be seen. Five minutes passed and after shooting the doe (in my head) twenty times, I glanced to the right by five yards and lo-and-behold a set of antlers raised from behind a beechy bank. I couldn't see the animal, just the antlers in the evening sun. A couple of minutes passed and I must have lost my concentration for a while as when I looked up the buck had moved about ten yards to the left following the doe, a good looking buck. I was steadily resting on the bipod but the buck was now striding quickly away from me. I gave the buttolo a quick burst and the buck stopped not quite 100% broadside but enough to give me a clear shot at approx 100yds. It turned 180 and darted off 10-20yds off back to the wood, but dropped like someone had removed it's legs. The shot placement was spot on and the heart was destroyed. A long midgey gralloch ensued!!!

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    Last night I went to the same spot with similarly high expectations. There was a bit of a breeze, but not really in my favour. Anyhow, due to the layout of the ground I had to carry on regardless. As I walked up the lane to the beechy area, the wind was blowing from behind me directly up the track - not good. There is a rising bank to my left hand side which covers my approach to the beech area. Once I got to the same area, by this point I hadn't seen or heard anything, but I thought I would just move into/around the bank to look around the edge. Sure enough there was a young buck in exactly the same location not 30 yards from where I shot the previous one. It was alert and constantly looking around although fortunately not in my direction. I quietly put up the sticks, the wind luckily was carrying my scent up the track but the deer was at 45deg from me so couldn't whiff my Skin so Soft midgey repellant! Up on the sticks, the cover now growing faster than ever leaving many obstructions such as bushes, foxgloves, redshank and reeds, it eventually stepped into a clearing to allow me a fairly straight forward heart
    shot at 110yds. It fell like a fred dibnah chimney, never flinched. Seemed to be younger buck that had moved into the now vacated territory.. It was a small "6" pointer if you can call it that, more like bumps than points at the back, but with slight palmation between the front point and beam.

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    Unfortunately, the gralloch left me completely frustrated again. As I collected the deer, the wind dropped completely and that was almost a cue for the midges to attack!! Now nursing several hundred (okay, slightly exaggerated) midge bites on my arms and face! Note for self - Skin-so-soft does not work!!! aaaaargh !!! Very pleased with the outcome though, hope this is the beginning of a good season.

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    Its nice to get up and running, good read.

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    Well done fella nice read those midges can send you insane.

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