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Thread: Nice 6x42 for my LR

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    Nice 6x42 for my LR

    Made a rash mistake of selling the Lisenfeld that sat atop my .22LR and now have seen the error of my ways - Fixed 6x is the way, all the way.

    So I'm looking for another fixed 6x to replace the MTC Mamba that's currently on there. The MTC is a nice scope but I don't hold with all this side focusy, rangy finder reticle stuff.

    Just a simple 30/30 Duplex crosshair will do nicely so looking to buy (or swap the Mamba for) something along the lines of the Lizzie I foolishly sold - Leupold M8, FX, Meopta or something similar WHY.
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    I'd hold out for a Leupold M8 if I were you mate. Cracking scope for a .22 rimfire and paralaxed to suit.

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