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Thread: 260 resizing cases

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    260 resizing cases

    i am buying a 260 calibre rifle .i was told you can resize 243 cases or 308 cases to use for this calibre .can anybody tell me if this is possible as they are the same case size only different neck size
    thanks for any information on this

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    There's some comments here on this:

    Personally, I would recommend buying the Lapua 260 brass. I have a lot of Remington 260 Rem brass and when I eventually work my way through that, I will replace it with Lapua 260 brass. Nosler brass is also available.*+670+***+9013+***

    Good luck. JCS
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    I have been using resized Lapua 243 brass in my 260 since I got it. It is a simple matter of running the 243 brass through the 260 dies. Lube the inside of the case neck.

    If you neck down 308 brass you may end up with thick necks that require turning.

    All that said, JCS is correct, go and buy Lapua or Norma 260 brass. It was not available when I got my 260. When the current brass is knackered, this is what I will be doing.

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    thanks for the information guys .i think i will take what you are saying on board and buy proper 260 cases
    thanks again

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    Thank God this site has people who ask for advice and then take it on board !

    I to have necked up .243 to .260 BUT from a safety point of view, cartridges with .260 rem on the bottom leaves no room for error.
    There is not alot wrong with remington brass for stalking, comp shooting is a different kettle of fish.

    Welcome to the small band of .260 rem owners.

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    Yup, welcome to the .260 club.
    I had a rather frustrating time with mine when I first got it - started with Nosler Custom brass which is very thin so the std neck sizer was doing nothing for it. Switched to bushing, all good.

    I know MBR sporting has lapua .260, or can get, at very reasonable prices <90/100

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