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Thread: Fly catching

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    Fly catching

    Does anyone else have a dog that catches flies on the wing, if any flies pass within 2 feet of my youngest Lab who is 5 years old he just plucks them out of the air and eats them.
    In 35 years of working dogs I have never before seen it done,
    I think I should let him shoot

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    yes my spaniel has done it since it was a pup,dont know how it manages to eat the bees without being stung.

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    My Springer/Cocker cross would curlher lips out of a bee/wasp way when she eat them. It was very entertaining to watch.

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    ive got a patterdale he seems to catch and eat wasps/and spends all day catching flys,

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    ive got a 3yr rescue russell she catches any flying buzzy things then spits them out , lets them crawl away and catches them again , im trying to teach her :respect for your quarry : but she wont listen .

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    My cocker is just the same, he is a fly killer. He also eats moths, wasps, bees, anything that flys really.

    He is far more effective than a fly swat.



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    Yep, my mangy Patterdale is a pro at fly catching, spider scoffing, wasp chewing, bee bashing etc etc.

    If it moves he will try to kill it.

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    Yep! My two Ess love trying to catch them in flight,I love watching them,sometimes they're sucessfull sometimes not.
    Atb John.

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    My Cocker used to adore Spiders. He would dash across the room when he spotted one and scoff it down with great gusto. They were like a tasty treat to him. Never seemed to do him any harm. Anyone know why they do this.


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    Send him down to Oz,he will soon get sick of it ha ha.

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