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Thread: My Trip north of the border with MJ Robson part one.

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    My Trip north of the border with MJ Robson part one.

    Well I got back yesterday after a great few days stalking in scotland with Mark Robson and what a few days i've had.

    Anyway I set of on the drive north on monday morning and about four hours later got to his family's B&B in fife and had a chat to mark whilst he went to fill his car up and show me the ground we would be stalking that evening. Anyway back to the B&B and up to a field behind it to check the zero hadn't shifted on my rifle and with two shots touching everything was fine in that department.

    So, we left to get the the ground in good time and to have time to grab something to eat on the way. We got to the ground and started the stalk and had not been out the car 2 mins when mark spotted a buck and doe ahead of us but they were right on the edge of a wood and ducked back in. No bother and a good sign to see there deer are both there (on ground i'd never been on) and moving already. We went to check around the wood that they had moved into incase they were just passing though as its not a big or thick wood but there was just one very light coloured doe around the back so we carried on stalking up the hill. We had just passed through another small wood when mark froze and i followed suit. There was a buck about 70 yards out in front. With mark slowly opening up the sticks I placed the rifle on top lined up the shot and squeezed the trigger to which the buck dropped like a stone and didn't move an inch. He was a nice six point buck that both Mark and I were happy with:

    Not the best angle of the boiled out head but the antlers are 24cms long. I will take more when its bleached.

    Anyway we decided to carry on and see what showed so we carried on stalking up the hill. We had probably walked 300 when I caught movement in my left eye up on a ridge. I stopped and told mark i'd seen something but thought it may have been a crow flying from the ground as another did so when I found it in the binos. A small cull buck on the brow of the ridge. He was browsing and didn't have a clue we were there so I settled down on a old tree stump and waited for him to make his way off the ridge a bit and give a safe shot. He kept on looking in the same direction so we were thinking there was maybe something over there. Anyway slowly he moved a lower bit by bit to the point where it was a safe shot and when he stopped I squeezed off another shot and once again he dropped to the shot and buck number two was on the grass less than half an hour after the first. He was a nice little cull buck with a very light coat indeed. I haven't boiled his head out yet but will post pictures when I have.

    Anyway we carried on to see what else was moving and about half an hour later still mark spotted another buck around the corner on the side of a hill upon closer inspection mark said he though he was a possible medal and when we got a little closer still he said it would be a strong bronze possible silver medal That was it he was off the cards for me no way i could stretch to that so we just watched for a while. Trying to get closer still he spotted the movement and started to bark. He was stood there barking at us for a good 5 or 10 mins and even started to advance on us before moving on. I had really enjoyed seeing a medal class buck on the hoof and thought it was nice to have him barking at us but not be scared a great experience all around.

    We carried on a little further and spotted one more buck with black antlers that was laid down and winded us when we walked past him and a few more does when we called it and went home as I had to be up early the next day for another stalk. All in all it was a very successful stalk with two bucks grassed and have seen plenty more and it filled me with confidence for the rest of the trip


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    Well done, and a nice write up.

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    Nice write up George! You do get about a bit! Slightly envious... hehe. Well done, sounds like you had a great few days.



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    Well done George a good buck and a good write up

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    Nice going guys.

    Can't wait to read part 2 George.


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    Well done George he looks a cracker.

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    Good to meet you George and glad you enjoyed your trip.

    I took Simon out after going to Scone today, we went looking for that big buck that was barking at us on monday night.

    Stalked round the hill and he was in the rashes below us. Looks like he will go a good silver medal.

    This area can have dense/heavy antler so it could go better but I won't know till I boil it off and get a weight on him, he was a real old fella like I said.

    Image0023 by mj robson, on Flickr


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    Sounds like a good trip had by all!
    Good shooting


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    Well done to all, its good for you george to experience other stalkers ways.
    you can pass some of his secrets on when i next take you out, wink wink.

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