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Thread: On the Subject of Ticks

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    On the Subject of Ticks

    About 6 weeks ago I noticed a tick on one of my spaniels face. Over the years I have removed hundreds of ticks mostly using O'Tom Tick twister. I removed the tick and it certainly looked as if I had removed the lot. About a week or so later I noticed that exactly where I had removed the tick there was a lump. My initial thought was that it was a reaction to the tick but when he was at the vet getting his yearly jabs I asked the vet to examine this lump which although not getting bigger was not clearing up. Vet reckoned a reaction to the tick bite and that it would go. Two days later the lump looked like it had ulcerated and was now bright red. Back to vet. Don't like the look of that he says, needs to come off sooner rather than later. Following day the lump was removed and after examination was found to be a benign tumour. Vet is of the opinion that the tick bit may well have kicked the growth off. I have never heard of this but the growth was certainly exactly where I had removed the tick. An expensive tick bite.

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    Gaz, i have 2 Chessies that are brothers from the same litter and during May i was taking a dozen a week off them and one dog "Fudge" heals in a few hours and you would never know he had been bitten but his brother "Bear" wells up like a large zit and it eventually scabs up and lasts for 10 days or so.. It seems some dogs are more allergic to these biting buggers and constant checking is a must.

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