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Thread: Pro hunter .243 what ammo

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    Pro hunter .243 what ammo

    I shot a buck on Saturday. Shot placement was good. exit was small. Internal damage massive. The 100g powershock had fragmented. I use 100g to cover all bases. I now have the .270 for reds so the weight can be reduced, hopefully to minimise the carcase damage. My rifle is a prohunter2 in obviously ,243. Any suggestions in weight to reduce damage without spoiling usability. Successes and avoids please as I hope to pick up some stock tomorrow at Scone. Thanks Jim

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    buy Norma 100g SP if you want 100g's...screw Fed Powershock SP's worst ammo I've ever laid eyes on, the SP looks like a bloody peice of rough gravel stuck to the end of the jacket!..

    The Norma is by FAAAAAAAAAAR the best factory ammo for consisten loads, quality of bullets, BC in a 100g SP (IMHO), and in terms of cotrolled expansion leading to a good-sized retained mushroom that penetrates with around 1" exit wound. All the roe and reds I have shot with this ammo have basically dropped on the spot, never lost more than a shoulder here an there, but due to driver-error.

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    I do not have 243, but generally heavier bullet, less damage...not the other way round. Change to different bullet type. Lapua Mega is a nice bullet and quite tough, not sure if they do it in 243 flavour though.

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    Jim I use these ones:

    Speer Bullets - Product Details

    You can get them from Tony Green in Whitburn

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    assume you're not reloading since you were using Fed. Power*****s?

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    No I don't reload. The powershocks are doing too much damage. I want to drop deer with a bullet suitable for maintaining a reasonable group at out to 150m. Even thought of partisan but to be honest I don't fire that many to worry too much re price. As I eat what I shoot a bit of damage was acceptable but the loss of nearly the fore-end is way not acceptable. With the number of prohunters used in 243 I am open to suggestions. Some good deals were offered last year at the gamefair so was considering buying an alternative.

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    i use privi partitions in my 243tikkat3for roe stalking there no meat damage a 50p exit hole i also use them in my 6.5x55 there a bit slow but ok at 12 quid a box

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    At this time of year the damage should be the least of your worry,s. Get them on the ground is the most important and normally the more internal damage the quicker the deer ides. That aint much on the front end of a roe so if you ammo is dropping them on the spot or there abouts stay as you are.
    ps you are on a diet so a couple of pies less will do you the world of good.

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    Hi There

    Could you please send me his (Tony Green's) contact number as I am also looking for some 243 heads and live Midlothian as there are no decent gun shops anywhere in South Scotland for reloading kit !



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    Did two bucks last week with Sierra 100gr, nearest was 30 yards, furthest was 75 yards, both were clean and tidy on entry and exit.

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