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Thread: 30-06 for roe ?

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    30-06 for roe ?

    Does anyone out there regularly use the 30-06 spr for shooting roe deer ? If so, is carcase damage extreme, what loads/bullet weights are recommended and any other info would be appreciated. Regrds to all ml

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    I use mine on roe with minimal carcass damage using 150 gr speer boat tail soft points. I've had a couple end up with larger than ideal exit wounds, but that is the nature of ballistics, there are so many variables, hits a rib on the way in and tumbles, etc etc. but that can happen with any calibre. By and large no problems at all.


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    Not regularly, but have in the past used for roe.

    It's a big bugger to lug around for roe, it yells and kicks, and it eats more powder than my jeep drinks petrol....the 30-06 is a mightly fine rifle, but a bit biggish for roe if that's all you want it for. UNLESS, you've found a great deal on a good piece of equipment. I'd rather pay 500 for a 2nd hand Sako 30-06, as opposed to a new remmy in a friendlier caliber..just my opinion.

    edit...forgot to say, puts the deer down just fine with the right bullet, but exit wounds 'can' be massive,,and don't take a frontal chest shot either! LOL...once shot a pheasant with the 30-06, and I don't know where it went, I have to admit

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    Cheers Alex, I have never owned one,but its reputation and the amazing availability of ammo of all bullet weights really appeals.

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    thanks PKL, I will stick to the 12 bore for birds !!

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    I used 150,180,200 and the heavier the better. 150 could be damaging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moray loon View Post
    Cheers Alex, I have never owned one,but its reputation and the amazing availability of ammo of all bullet weights really appeals.
    No worries. Are you going to be reloading? If so then you are free to create a load that works for you and there must be more loads for the .30-06 than anything else, it's so flexible!

    The thing with using larger calibres on smaller species is that people assume the damage will be proportional to the calibre but in my opinion it self regulates to a degree. The smaller the target species often the less the bullet will expand so the damage remains proportional to the species. There's a picture of a muntjac in my gallery that was shot with a .30-06 and the bullet clipped the scapula on the way in. The exit wound is bigger as a result, but not as big as you'd expect.


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    I have no probs with clients using 3006's or bigger.
    My advice to them is heavier is better, bonded is even better and stay well clear of anything plastic.
    damage can be relative to speed, heavier means slower so less damage.
    also heavier bullets usually have heavier jackets for bigger game and so expand on the way out.
    just my opinion on things.
    so a 165sp or heavier.

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    30.06 the finest calibre to shoot anything and I have shot most things. 150 gr flattens all with very little damage

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    i use mine quite a bit on roe, using 150g speer sp with very little meat damage

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