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Thread: Gun Cases

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    Gun Cases

    I am looking for a hard gun case for taking rifle and or shotgun on aircraft. Any body any thoughts.

    I have looked at the the cheap black plastic types -(eg Dosko from sportsman gun centre), which look, well, cheap and also at the more expensive aluminium variety.

    Ideally I would like one that is not a full length rifle as I can easily remove the stock off the rifle and have it in two parts - doesnt seem to affect the zero - ie 36 inch log internal dimension as opposed to 50 inch.

    Many thnaks

    Heym SR20

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    We had a couple made by a firm who make flight cases for musical instruments. They will make the case and cut the inserts to what ever size you require the inserts are interchangeable and sandwiched between two more layers. Nice quality and reasonable price.
    I'll post a picture tomorrow and try and find the number

    One thing I've been told by a friend who has had problems, be careful with small cases if they look like a laptop case as they get stolen


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    Like Wayne, I use a flight case. Don't know where you are but you could try here They make cases to your requirements but also have ex-Demo and "standard" cases.


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    gun cases

    friend and I both bought winchester double guncases from sportsman, airline approved, both damaged severly from j,berg to london on air france flight, my leupold scope and his binns damaged plus cases badly dented etc another mates big plastic one with wheels perfect. we dont know whether it was intentional or just rough handling, but 5 months of aggro to get compensation for me, mate didn't get any for his binns only case as they said it was for gun only not binns. beware of air france they are not too helpfull with gun transport, in our recent experiance. Dont buy cheap it dont work out that way in long run.

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    peli cases are pretty tough - havent got one but the chap that owns my local gun shop has dragged/kicked one all over europe and africa.

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    Gun Cases

    Have 2 Peli cases and they are superb, US & UK Armed Forces use them.
    Storm make a similar case.

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    I use a flightcase (just like the Spider Engineering ones) for my shotguns, and Peli, Americase and Kalispel cases for rifles. The Americase wins the sturdiness race by a country mile, but it is heavy and expensive.

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    I have tried the cheap and cheerful Dosko cases, which lasted about 13.6 seconds, then I purchased a so called airline approved case from York Guns, that is still just about in working order although the locks are buggered. I now use Peli cases. Expensive but bomb proof. Have had mine for six months, one of which lives in the boot of my Landrover and every morning that I look at the case it shouts 'is that what you call abuse ? give me MORE !

    Purchased mine from

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    Sorry it took so long couldn't find the phone number.

    This one was made by protec flight cases
    01291 630410 or 07776 234018

    I haven't rang these numbers for a couple of years but hopefully ok


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    Well this guy was very lucky wth his gun case, how the hell did they manage to do that to it!


    "I just arrived in Williamsburg, Virginia, this evening. Below is a photo of my gun case as it came off the baggage carousal.

    I made up some posters for an exhibit about the special British Board of Ordnance Contract of 1813 describing the particular guns the B.O. sent to Canada during the War of 1812 to arm the friendly Indians in Canada to help fight an invasion by the Americans. In this gun case, I had one of the properly marked long guns supplied by one of the Contractors: Ketlnd & Allport, and one of the pistols made by Joseph Moxham. Both guns have the Board of Ordnance markings for this contract.

    You can see from the photo's that I was extremely lucky. I had the long gun packed all the way to the left in the case, and the pistol was at an angle at the other end. The bend in the case just happened to be at the space between the two guns, and neither had any damage of any kind. This is a very heavy metal case and has been around the world on many trips with me, but somehow they managed to really destroy it this time."

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