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Thread: T Jackson 12g Hammer gun for sale, recently serviced and re-furb'd

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    T Jackson 12g Hammer gun for sale, recently serviced and re-furb'd

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	7851Bit of info......
    Thomas Jackson was a well respected provincial gunmaker.
    This particular gun is a "best quality" rotary underlever hammer gun with half cock safety. The gun was made around the late 1860's and has been converted from pinfire to centrefire (as was relatively common at the time for quality guns), possibly by the original maker as it's an excellent conversion.

    Now for the good bit, the barrels have been sleeved, again this has been done to a very high standard so what you effectively have is a lovely vintage gun with a modern monobloc barrel arrangement with modern spec wall thickness.
    The result is a very useable gun that will happily handle modern 2 1/2" cartridges.

    I used the gun to good effect on our shoot for the season after I got it. It's very easy to use, if you can shoot a sbs it's easy to get the hang of opening and closing and cocking and in reality is not really a hindrance. Being an underlever has the advantage of being able to break the barrels when the gun is cocked negating the need to lower the hammers onto loaded chambers.

    Last year the gun was sent to UK gun repairs to have a small dent removed from the barrels, the woodwork was fully restored (although in generally good order with crisp chequering, it looked a bit dull and lack lustre) the barrels blacked by the same chap that works on londons finest and the action was serviced. It now looks fantastic and has only had about 15 cartridges through since. Reciept for the above work will be included in the sale.

    It's for sale as at the moment it's a "nice to have" rather than "need to have" and I have a genuine need for a long range varmint scope which due to a house move I can't afford

    It was valued at 1700 by UK gun repairs, I would like 900 as thats what it stands me at and I need a scope sooner rather than later. I would consider a deal with a decent long range scope such as PMII, Z6i etc.
    PM me for a chat or more info
    Price drop, now 650.

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    Due to a couple of small scratches appearing on the otherwise immaculate barrels over the weekend, I'm dropping the price to 650 to reflect this and the fact I've found a scope.
    There are some pics of the offending marks below along with some more pics of the engraving.

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    For those that may be interested, The barrels are 28" and the LOP is 14.5". Not sure of the choking but it works well on pheasants

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    Back up for sale, it was being held for a friend for the start of this season but they now can't afford it

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    Still for sale?

    Hey Thread , just checking if this gun is still for sale?


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    Hi Harrie, yes the gun is still for sale. I moved house (it's more of a building site actually) a couple of months ago and we don't have access to the interweb so my access to this site is rather limited. If you're interested drop me a PM and I'll give you my mobile for a chat about it.

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    Hello Pigglet,
    I am very interested in your gun if still for sale at this date: 6th March 2012.
    You can drop me an email or message here.
    I live in Cheshire but happy to travel to pick up.

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    Hi jockweiler, do yourself a favour, and post an introduction. admin will soon be after you else. welcome to the site.

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    Not sure who it was who rang me this morning but I couldnt make out exactly what was said in the message you left. I gather you wanted me to ring back on another number but couldn't make it out. I've tried to ring back on the mobile number that came up on my phone but it keeps going striaght to answer phone. I'm out in the boonys and mobile signal is a bit sketchy I'm afraid.

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    Is the gun still for sale ?

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