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Thread: Small red rash where i had a it normal?

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    Small red rash where i had a it normal?

    Well the title says it all really. I have a small red rash at the site from where I removed a tick yesterday. Is this normal? because as i understand it a rash can be a sign of lymes.


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    I think we need pictures

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    It depends on the size of the redness.I removed one from my side yesterday and phoned down for a course of antibiotics as i was coming down to Scone today and there was redness but thats normal.If in doubt give the quack a call because its not worth the risk.

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    Go to the quack asap. Get antibiotics. I did and it worked.

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    Let's not panic just yet!

    How long had the tick been there? It sounds pretty normal at this stage to be honest.


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    maybe 2 hours or so, never had one before but got 4 so far from cleaning the heads up. Photobucket is playing up for the pic.


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    A small red rash at the site of the bite is normal, and often how I manage to spot the little buggers!
    However, the Lymes rash is much larger and with a white patch in the middle. Worth keeping an eye on, but normal reaction from just being bitten. The most important thing is to remove them as soon as possible whilst they are still removing stuff from you and not passing their waste product back!!

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    **** mate thats just to long it will start to itch a bit and thats a sign that the nerves in that area have been badly effected next. Numbness dizzyness and finally the bullseye final tattoo. Have you made a will yet might be a good time to contact a lawyer coroner phone you mum tell your partner you love her etc etc.

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    As above, the tick has to have been for on you 24 hours for it to pass Lymes disease to you. First sign is a bullseye, you'll not mistake it for anything else. But if worried go to the Doc

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    forget the bavado and time scale, just go to the quacks and explain that you have had a tick and your worried bout lymes disease.
    Push for some antibiotics and have peace of mind, I never got a bulls eye yet years later the aching joints and constant tiredness take some battling when the drugs are delayed.

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