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Thread: Stalking times?

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    Stalking times?

    Hi, I was just wondering what times you guys are starting and finishing stalking in the morning? I was thinking be there for 3.30 and finish 8? Or should I be getting there earlier? Or stalking for longer?

    Appreciate your advice!

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    It depends on a lot of things and I will try and start a list which I am surely will be quickly built on.

    The things that influence how long I stalk include:

    How far I have to go to get there.
    How big the ground is.
    How steep the ground is.
    How productive the ground is.
    How pressing is the need to shoot something.
    How fit I am feeling.
    Which rifle I am carrying.
    What the weather is like.
    Whether I am stalking by myself or not.
    Whether my ghillie is with me or not.

    Typically as per tomorrow morning, I will drive for 45 mins, check my zero and probably have a walk for 2-3 hours, then come home. If I bump into a buck it's a bonus.

    In summary there isn't a right answer. It's like any other pursuit, you develop your own style as you gain experience and over time you learn what works for you on your ground. What helps is to go out with other folk on new ground and watch what they do. I try to get out to one or two new places each year with stalkers I haven't met before.

    Regards JCS
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    The number of times I have been up in the dark stalking by the crack of dawn, to only shoot a beast after the sun has risen an hour or so later. Could have stayed in by bed for a bit longer...

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    Got a buck last week at 9.15 am, it was out feeding with a doe on the edge of some scrub. We had actually finished stalking and had only gone back to look for a knife my brother had lost, took the rifles 'just in case' (and also safer than leaving them in the car).

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    Be there at first light and you will normally see a few roe deer if they are on the ground stay there for 3-4 hours and you will normally see the same deer on the second feed. But the second feed is normally a quick feed and less show. This time of year if its going to get hot they feed in the cool of the morning and lie up in the shade when the heat gets to them. Some times the deer will be out in good numbers but only for a shrt while. 3-4 hours is my normal no matter what size the ground is that way i cover there full feed cycle.

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    Out for first light but don't go before you can actually see properly or you'll probably just spook the place. The rest of it really depends on the size of the bit of ground, whether you're sitting, walking etc. I wouldn't say there's an exact formula but at this time of year I've usually chucked it by about 8 o clock.

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    Indeed I read what Dominic Griffith wrote about shot times and then checked my records which confirmed that it isn't neccesarily first light but just 'before other people are around..'

    At dusk the crucial hour and a half before last light, when I worked in the New Forest in one spot you could watch the roe appear then the fallow and then the sika!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post
    ....Typically as per tomorrow morning, I will drive for 45 mins, check my zero and probably have a walk for 2-3 hours, then come home. If I bump into a buck it's a bonus...
    Update. At 7am, 2 hours into yesterday's stalk I spotted a doe on the edge of some trees ahead of me. It hadn't seen me, so I got set up on the 4 sticks and watched the gap in front of me. A couple of minutes later the doe appeared 20 yds away. It froze as it noticed and winded me and then dashed off. I stayed watching on the sticks to see what would happen next. After a minute or two I noticed a buck peering round some brash just about where I had first seen the doe. I adjusted the sticks and shot him at about 95 yds. I went forward and checked the buck out. Although I had recently shot a buck nearby and stalk through this area on a regular basis, I don't think I had ever seen this buck before.

    My ghillie was in bed, so it took a while to walk back to the car (about a mile) and then drive the 11 miles to come back and pick up the buck.

    Regards JCS
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    Yesterday I was up at three watching for foxes/and deer by 3.30 nothing.
    set of to new area eventually shot a buck at 5.20 saw more deer between then and 7.30 all does.
    This morning different area crops too high enjoyed the walk heard a couple barking about 5am.think nothing much moving very heavy dew maybe I should have stayed later if I had been on my own but chap I was with wanted to go.

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