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Thread: Lost permission Teign Valley Devon

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    Lost permission Teign Valley Devon

    Hi All,
    I suspected it might happen one day, and it just has.
    I rang the landowner (been doing deer control on his land for 6 years but could never take clients there) last night in readiness for stalk this morning, in his abrupt words 'yes i have seen roe but i am changing the guard', i asked him to explain what he meant, he abruptly said, 'you have been here long enough, i'm getting someone else in' obviously my next question was 'why?' he just refused to answer and said 'bye' and hung up, unbelievably arrogant and rude.
    The reasons i suspect are, he has always wanted me to shoot females out of season, in fact anything and everything in or out of season, and i have refused.
    Last winter another stalker gave me a name of someone who had been rabbit shooting on a neighbouring farm and saw an injured fallow over the boundary on my permission, he 'put it out of its misery' (with what calibre?) and told my farmer the next day, and gave him half the proceeds, when i asked the farmer (some weeks later) he said yes it had happened but was a one off.
    Now this land is only 170 acres but held many fallow and roe, so it hurt to lose it.
    But, what the new deer stalker doesn't know is the farmers tenants are always out at all times of the day walking their dogs etc
    After many futile early morning visits i got up extra early once, it was pitch black but i heard a woman calling her pet in the woods, what a recipe for disaster!
    Still at least it has helped getting this off my chest by posting on here!

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    I have had similar experiences over the years,(though no deer on ground), & it's odd really, because my / our first comments are "well, he'll need us before we need him" ........ they always end up on the phone eventually.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Richard i know how you feel . The wood i have been stalking and runing a pheasant shoot for the last 15 years is being sold in October ,we have untill then to remove all of our equipment . I had astalk around the place this morning and the happy memories came flooding back . But like i say "Nothing lasts forever " unless you own it.


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    Having lived in the Teign Valley I know how you must feel. Sadly there is a lot of attention directed on that area because of the large deer population there. Many people are after shooting rights there, some with a bit of clout!! So I have little doubt money is involved. Sadly this is becoming all too common.

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    Ds sorry to hear you lost your stalking, but why the comment about what the neighbour distroyed a injured deer with, if your first thought is about calibre and not the animals suffering then you may have your prioritys wrong.

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    IMO unless you are dealing with a forestry company where there is a specific contract and no real personal contact you very much have to keep in contact with your landowners and listen to their wants. Within the legalities meet their requirements or they will go else where. The landowners view of management of deer on his ground may not be the best in your view but it is their playground. I have picked up ground (mainly vermin control) where the sitting tenant has not come up to what is required but I also know that there is ground that I current have but I could easily lose if I do not come up to scratch. If you have shooting on a lot of farms, which you obviously have to maintain your stalking business you can loose personal contact with your farmers. Most don't like that.

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    Thanks for the comments, regarding the deer welfare issue, you are correct the deer comes first, but as i live within 5 minutes of the farm it was me who should have taken care of the beast, and i just wonder what the issue was as it was sold to a local game dealer and fit for human consumption apparently, not that i would have liked to have eaten it.
    Yes its true i don't go to the farm on a regular basis during the roe buck season, i start during the rut and when the Fallow Bucks come back in, but when i do i am selective, there was a huge, possibly gold medal head fallow last year he wanted shot, i decided against it and took out some spikers, perhaps i got it all wrong and should have convinced him it was worth money to both of us, but thats just not my nature.
    And you are quite right, unless you own the land or have deep pockets you stand to lose the land, and in this case i believe money must have changed hands.

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    Ds I think you answered your on question, he wanted a certain fallow shot and you were more concerned with whether it was gold or not, as the area was only 170acres the ability to save that deer from neighbours would have been difficult. Not wanting to seem that i am condeming you in any way but good luck in the future

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    If he wants you to break the law by shooting out of season I think you are best off out of it mate. Let the new muppett take the heat when it all goes tits up for both of 'em

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    6P , kick a bloke when hes down why dont you . Id say shooting 3 or 4 prickets is better than 1 buck when it comes to crop protection wouldnt you ? Never mind DS its the price we pay for living in an over crowded island

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