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Thread: .243 preferably local Tikka- Sako etc etc

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    .243 preferably local Tikka- Sako etc etc

    Hello there i am looking for a .243 asap. I recently sold mine and just got 2 deer permissions a couple of days later (just my luck). I have limited funds but could pt/ex a nice cz .17hmr or escort fac shotgun 8 shot to sweeten the deal. or i will just buy out right. I prefer a tikka or sako but others considered. Idealy i would like the whole kit and caboodle but funds probably wont allow that so if you have anything please send me some details. I hope to get one asap but i am attending the CLA gun fair on the saturday if anyone wants to meet up. Thanks Shaun.

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    Hi, not exactly a rare rifle... try on here

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    been on mate shop prices mainly too expensive

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    what you looking to spend mate. lad i know has a tikka m590 in 243. with delux stock on it. he also has a black plastic stock for it
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    re .243

    I might have exactly what you are looking for. I have a Tikka 595 .243 .Very tidy, threaded comes with a few extras. 475 . PM if interested. I'm only selling because I have found a lefthanded one otherwise I would not be selling.

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    Hi Mosa...I'm on another forum, and there's a very well thought of dealer on there.....I bought a .243 Remmy 700 off him last week, a bargain, and a great gun too..He has a couple of others....I can PM you his contact details if you like..

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    I know a chap with a BSA CF2 in 243.
    I saw the gun shortly before I bought yours. will text you his number

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    here you go mate. screwcut m14x1 spigot, m590 is a very good action. if you want my mates number pm me. he can tell you more about the rifle and the loads he got for it.
    as you can see on the pic there is a little mark on the barrel where the over barrel mod comes upto on the bush
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    FA andersons (east grinsted) have just put a sako 75 stainless sythetic on for 850 if you got stuff to trade in like you say should be happy days alround hope that helps atb sakowsm

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