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Thread: Modern House Construction

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    Modern House Construction

    I think you can all guess where this is going. We are currently considering moving house, and if possible, buying a new/recent build. Of the ones we've so far viewed very few if any seem to have walls sturdy enough to mount a gun cabinet to. Even the walls which are evidently "fabric of the building" seem to be clad in plaster board with a gap between the board and the wall, rather than plastered directly onto the masonry. How does one go about installing a cabinet in houses like this to the satisfaction of the police. I'll be seeking advice from my FEO after the week end, but wondered if anyone on the site had encountered similar circumstances.
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    Simply use HD wood screws to the vertical wall timber and one into the floor.

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    There are many methods available, with bolts the builder use for attaching frames etc to the new builds A hole is drilled , a plastic tube is mashed in & the bolt attached. It will literally pull a huse down. See you builders merchant

    dont be too agresive attaching, as the breeze blocks can shatter !! If the house is built to its best concrete blocks will be used as an alternative, on your 'dream' home

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    Harry, I got some extra long rawl bolts which go through the plasterboard, through the thermalite blocks and into the exterior brickwork! Careful measuring required though! A good squirt of 'No more nails' or similar into the hole also helps to prevent crumbling.
    Also a couple of large screw into the 22mm chipboard floor for good measure!
    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks to all for the replies. It's good to know there's ways round it that don't involve major remodeling work.
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    No worries Harry.

    I had the same problem as MS said Extra Long Rawlbolts, did'nt see the point of the screws though when Rawlbolts

    are rock solid as you's all know.

    Atb Buck.

    PS. All the best in the New House, Her indoors will keep you BUSY!!!
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    Have thought about this when looking at houses myself - best thought I could come up with was to bolt the cabinet flat to the floor in the understair cupboard, so the rifles are laid flat, and you access them from the top. Al least there's no longer any worries about knocking one over when you're getting another out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry mac View Post
    Even the walls which are evidently "fabric of the building" seem to be clad in plaster board with a gap between the board and the wall
    Can you not recess the cabinet into the plasterboard so it is flat against the blockwork?

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    harry if the house is timber frame you will have 7or 8 inches from the face of plasterboard to the back off the facinc bricks you can use threaded bar and an epoxy resin avaliable from most builders merchants or alternativelly cut back plasterboard to shape of cabinet and bolt directly to timber frame

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    If drilling through the cavity to the exterior wall on a new build you be creating a conceived damp problem, which could null invoid your builders guarantee. Plasterboard bolts and no nails

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