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Thread: Deer dog training

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    Deer dog training

    I'm thinking about buying a pup to become my deer dog.

    I work overseas for much of the year at least for the next 18months - 2 years.

    So I'm interested in finding someone that can train and board my pup for that time.

    I realise it's not ideal, but I did the same with my lab gundog and it hasn't caused any problems. I get to spend about 3 months with the dog spread throughout the year, especially around shooting season

    Any suggestions?


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    Hi I have the premises and the knowledge to provide what you require. what sort of money do want to pay for this facility?

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    Can you pm me and tell me what your experience and facilities are please carpy?



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    Not fair on the dog.
    A deer dog becomes part of a team,he relies on you and you on him.
    Gundogs are different.the victoians used to hire out teams of dogs for the grouse moors.
    Your tracking dog will bond in a different manner to you.

    Resist the temptation. If you feel the need for a dog go out with a mate that has one,
    Remember the dog will feel deserted everytime you leave and you will need to re establish a bond everytime you reappear.
    Not a good idea

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    Thanks Kit for your input, I have already PM'd Maccer declining this proposal.I do however disagree with your post about re-bonding and desertion issues. This is very much down to the individual dog and handler, how it is trained and how it is entered. Most dogs have the capabilities of being multi-handled. The job in hand takes precedence. Really it is a matter of personal conscience.
    Professional dog walkers/house sitters create a bond with their charges in no time at all, the dogs upon masters return do not need to "re-bond" as such. I take on clients dogs all the time they would work for me within 5 minutes
    and usually in a better fashion.
    I respect your opinion just do not wholeheartedly agree with it.
    Happy tracking

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    Not fair on the dog
    I'm afraid I disagree with that. I have a lab that i have about 3 times for 3 weeks and once for 8 weeks. The dog stays with a stalker friend. It has no problems what so ever. A very well adjusted dog And a brilliant gun dog.

    Thanks for your input Carpy.



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