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Thread: Ebay Gun Parts Please sign Petition

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    Ebay Gun Parts Please sign Petition

    It is right here

    Copy and past this in to your browser and it should work

    Also add to any other sites you use and forward the link to your friends.

    If this has been done plese ignore


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    Hi Dave, Is it just me? I can't get the link to work!

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    The link is working now so you wont have to copy and paste it.


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    Cheers Dave,
    I signed up on the other site, you posted on. It stupid isn't it.
    I'm after spares to rebuild a No4 (T) Lee Enfield, I get most of the parts off ebay. I can't see young 'street wise' gangsters hanging out of the car windows for a drive by shooting with a No4 or a 'Smelly' can you?

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    It seems to be for US residents only or am I looking in the wrong place?

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    I am UK based and managed to post ok.


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