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Thread: Zeiss Diarange from Eurooptics

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    Zeiss Diarange from Eurooptics

    A friend of mine told me that a US retailer was selling the Zeiss Diarange range of scopes for USD 2000. Given that they cost 2500 pounds in the UK, maybe more and CHF 4800, I took a punt and bought one. It arrived yesterday. I zeroed it today. It was the best USD 2000 that I have spent in a long time.

    Once bore sighted, I took it to the range. A fe adjustments later it was on song. With press of a button, I could range targets, leaves, trees perfectly ( this is a range finding scope) The range appears in a little LED screen just under the reticle.

    Is it a boy`s toy? Probably. Can`t wait for Scotland next month to give it a try!

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    The guy at Eurooptics is a real gent, and I would have no hesitation in buying from him again sometime.

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    did he also supply the mounting rail or did you source that elsewhere

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    He supplied the mounts as well for a Weaver base. However, I have mounted it on a Blaser.

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    did you manager to avoid the dreaded duty??

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