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Thread: Thanks to TikkaT3

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    Thanks to TikkaT3

    Just want to say a big thank you to TikkaT3 for taking me out rabbiting/foxing last night. It was a superb evening and the first time I've had a go with a .17hmr! We got a few bunnies and two foxes.

    Thanks Tony

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    You're welcome mate, just remember you don't have to be bored sensless and sat with bugger all on the telly to call me and say " fancy a evening foxing" call whenever you like and we'll do it again
    The look on your face following your 220yd rabbit with the 17hmr was priceless

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    great shooting 220 yrds with the 17hmr, there was a good balistics write up in a mag a month ago about the 17 and long range shooting. cant remember which one though. did the round do much damage at 220yds ?.


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    Well Keith it did enough to knock the rabbit over and the round left an exit wound, I'd taken a mate out that has rifles but had not seen the 17 at work, it was he that done the deed, I have to say, that the shot was not at a distance that i'd expect to be sucessful at on a regular basis, but would definatley be repeatable on a good day, at half that distance the sucsess rate gets bloody monotonous at 100yds or so it is possible to headshoot rabbits time after time, although wind does affect the little 17g round, do you shoot 17 at all?


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