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Thread: R93 Barrel Chop

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    R93 Barrel Chop

    I have a Blaser R93 in 30-06. The barrel came already threaded at 15x1 with a spigot.
    I have several other rifles and are all threaded at 1/2"x20 unf, therefore all my moderators are threaded 1/2"x20 unf.
    I am considering getting the first bit,15x1, cut off of my barrel and the spigot threaded to 1/2"x20 unf to enable me to use any of my other moderators.
    Can anybody see any problems I may face by cutting the barrel down by 1".
    It is not a 'long range' rifle so the loss of a bit of velocity is not a problem, I am more concerned with accuracy.

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    eddy shame on you how dare you butcher a BLASER
    regards pete .

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    If done properly it shoulnt be an issue, but some charge almost the cost of a moderator for a chop/cut/proof. It will also be slightly devalued. Stick with the original thread, get a mod for that rifle.

    Ps - surely the other rifles don't get a look in now you've joined the club.

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    Hi Eddy
    I was advised against doing what you are contemplating.
    The 15x1 with spigot suits the blaser barrel profile for a start, and the blaser barrels are made out of harder steel than most so any chop and re-thread, with re-proof of course, is likely to cost more than simply buying a new mod.
    Getting ready for the boar already?
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    Hi All, I would have no qualms whatsoever about the quality of work I'm contemplating and the cost would be minimal compared to some others
    It is just that I have made so many 'phone calls and heard so many conflicting stories ref the new moderators that my head is in a right tizwas.
    Having had so many rifles cut, crowned and thread protector made with such quality that they did not show, I was just about to give in and stay with something I know.
    All my present mods are 1/2" x 20 unf, as are my other rifles, so the transition of the Blaser would not be difficult.
    I have gone to the trouble to get a variation for the new mod but nobody, that I have spoken to, has any in stock for me to look at and each advises me to get something different to what I have asked for.
    The best 'advert' from a gun shop, that had one in stock, was for the Titanium mod but at 600 I'm not sure I'll live long enough to get the value out of such a purchase.
    I'll take a bit longer before I go down the Chop route, just to give the moderator shops the opportunity to get something in to change my mind.
    I'll keep you all posted.

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    I think that as long as the thread suits the barrel profile it sounds like a sensible way forward. I would be interested to hear who you would use, as I have heard that a number of 'smiths won't touch Blasers, although I don't know why that would be unless different tooling is required.

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    eddy youve had my advice on this either stick an Atec on the end thread no problem
    or get your cash out and put a lawrence titanium precision again thread no problem
    dont worry about how much it costs it comes with a lifetime garuantee so when
    you hang up your boots you can leave it to me in your will and be happy thats its sitting
    on a lovely R8 regards pete .

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    Don't listen to him Eddy he will only launch it off the end of his rifle. Blasers seem to reject moderators, perhaps thy are a cut above that sort of thing and don't like some piece of old exhaust pipe stuck on the end of their barrels.

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    I bought a quicksilver titanium silencer for my blaser. It shoots fine

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    Regardless of the type of steel my mate would have the correct tool to do the job and make a good job of it too if I decide to go down that route.
    As for the titanium having a life time guarantee, that's not much of a warranty in my case, according to the good book I've already had my time and as for leaving it to you Pete, I don't think you'd get to my house quick enough and if you did you'd have to climb over the rest of them helping themselves to the rest of my 'Good Junk'
    I used to have a rifle once that fired Energa Grenades (spelling?) but it wasn't a blaser nor was the missile made of alloy and it used a ballastite cartridge - not a 30-06 round
    Anyway back to the subject. As it was the week end I have had no luck finding anything so I'll start trying again tomorrow but if no luck by next week end it's for the chop

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