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Thread: masacre on the farm

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    masacre on the farm

    a mate got a call from his neighbour early one morning last week ,they have had some theft issues ie rural crime ! this went to another leval .
    26 FAT LAMBS killed and gone
    6 LEFT INJURED one had 6 wounds
    all those left had neck wounds lets not go on about head and neck shots
    there was not alot of blood and snot and no empty cases that could be found .my mate did some research and seems a similar case happened in northumberland .as this is under investigation i wont comment on the police when called and i wasnt there !that is alot of lamb most being 40lb and lamb has gone up in price ,any thoughts guys my mate has some ideas what do you think .

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    Kababs thats were they will be mate thats were to look. Sad the farmers work hard for there crop and to have it stole is just not on.

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    With new season lambs making up to 100 and more this sort of theft is bound to become more common,sheep are easier to steal than deer, it will no doubt be the same thieves with a ready market for cheap meat. We must all keep our eyes open for strange vehicles cruising country lanes....

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    it is also the fact these people have firearms ! thats a fair size truck for that amount of lamb too eh .i agree shake a feed bag and bar bar black sheep thinks its dinner time easy ! silenced 22 lr maybe ?

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    We hav had this in the past on one of my farms

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