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Thread: yorkshireroestalking John Robson

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    yorkshireroestalking John Robson

    I booked some stalking with John Robson [Yorkshireroestalking] and what a great time I had. John made me feel really welcome and relaxed before and during the stalk. John was very good at pointing things out and very informative. To anyone wishing to take their D.S.C 2, John is your man.
    I had a great time and a nice roe buck early in the morning in brilliant countryside..I cannot wait to go again.
    Thanks John and hope to see you soon.
    I am glad Maisie behaved and did not bite you. LOL

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    Well done Face.............Martin

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    Thanks Martin

    Quote Originally Posted by re'M'ington View Post
    Well done Face.............Martin
    Thanks Martin

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    Well done Face.

    Is Maisie a regular stalking companion. Does she get involved with tracking etc. She seems very well disciplined in John's video. She looks a super little dog.



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    Hi Bob, chuffed you asked about our Maisie. She is a rescue dog I picked up approx 9 months ago.
    Maisie does track deer and fox and is well behaved, ask John. Maisie dislikes people, however she does seem to dislike the same people as me!
    Maisie will sit at the bottom of a high seat for hours without a fuss and is trained to hand signals.
    Anybody who is thinking of a border collie for deer I can recommend them.
    Maisie barks and rags at the deer once she finds them.
    I hope by now you can tell she is my little mate that goes with me everywhere, fly fishing,pigeon shooting,deer, fox and ferreting.

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    I forgot to mention, our Maisie was locked up in a cage for the first nine months of her life.
    What do you think of our Maisie? John Robson.

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    Seemed to work ok.
    because there was little or no interaction between us, for fear of been bitten its hard to say.
    as I said collies are not my cup of tea.
    she is well trained, but I could not be bothered with all the extra work she causes you. A dog in my opinion is there to save work or make things easier.
    I think you are probably a bit over protective with her.
    Other then my personal things, I think she has much potential and will do well.
    Though telling a guide he may get bitten is not a great ice breaker. LOL

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    I can see John's point of view and I did laugh when I read what he wrote about not getting bitten as an ice-breaker.

    However, I am a sucker for characterful little dogs like Maisie.

    Hats off to you for giving her a new start and I hope she gives you years of pleasure. Mrs DB and I can't have a dog cause we're out for too long each day. The minute I retire I am on the lookout for a Maisie type dog that will come with me when I go fishing, shooting etc.

    I'm looking forward to seeing photos of her in action over the coming months.



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    I love collies and have cross whipet, who has proved to out smart my trained Lab deer dog from time to time but if she is not people friendly you need to find a way round it. If you are genuinely pack leader this is acheivable.


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